The beginning:

How 2 Ventures was founded in response to the “Blockchain Boom” of 2017 and has been thriving due to the five-point strategy of Founder & CEO, Nic Howery.  The volatility of the market has dissuaded many retail investors, but How 2 Ventures has leveraged the volatility of the market to achieve industry-leading returns.

How 2 Ventures five-point strategy focuses on several areas of investment within the Blockchain startup, and Digital Asset & Cryptocurrency markets:

1. Emerging Blockchain Technology (pre-ICO & ICO investments).

2. Established Blockchain networks’ digital assets & cryptocurrencies (forks, airdrops, etc.).

3. Emerging Blockchain networks’ digital assets & cryptocurrencies (growth, adoption, etc.).

4. Leverage trading during periods of volatility to increase returns (BTC, ETH vs. alternative coins).

5. Capitalize on swings in the market using alpha theory (-2, -1, 0, 1, 2).


Nic Howery

Founder & CEO


Nic Howery was introduced to the world of “hard tech” venture capital during an internship at a successful Venture Capital Firm in San Francisco, California.  Nic has spent the last few years searching for the next big thing in technology and found it in Blockchain.  Blockchain Technologies have taken center stage, not only in San Francisco but throughout the world.  Nic will use his experience in Venture Capital and Technology to back the best teams in Blockchain.

Nic Howery reads the digital asset & cryptocurrency markets like very few can.  Nic has developed a high yield strategy encompassing multiple areas of the markets.  Nic achieved a 200x ROI in a matter of 9 months on a small personal investment.  He then duplicated his success and produced a 20x ROI in 6 months through the management of his first pooled investment portfolio.

  • Achieved a 200x ROI in 9 months
  • Duplicated success with a 20x ROI in 6 months
  • Outperformed BTC from April 21st to June 21st 2.1x: 6.6x
  • Destroyed BTC from June 21st to August 11th 1.35x: 6x
  • Anticipated the meteoric rise of BTC due to BCC and BTG splits
  • Predicted the potential of XRP at 0.21c which rose to $2.94
  • Reacted to the market correction in January 2017 and significantly improved the portfolio’s overall market position

Feel free to contact Nic and the How 2 Ventures team by filling out a contact form on the website.