A journey to 200x

The last year has been a time of substantial blockchain exposure and unfortunate cryptocurrency frenzy.  Bitcoin and other digital assets & cryptocurrencies have been shoved into the spotlight.  Every conversation in the world of technology somehow ends up touching on the subject.  The mainstream media can’t get enough of the market volatility and regularly promotes some currency collapse or bubble burst.  According to CNBC, the end has come many times this year.  We have heard about the tulip bubble so many times that someone finally created a crypto-tulip that you could buy and trade as a joke.  Fortunes have been made and lost, but my portfolio continues to move in the upward direction.

Last year I found myself involved in a horribly stifling startup situation that left me desperate for the freedom to act on my own.  As I analyzed the cryptocurrency markets, I saw room for growth everywhere, but the technology behind the Ethereum network showed the most significant promise for growth.  I put my first investment behind Ethereum at $50 per and watched it climb to $300 in a matter of weeks.  This was my first 6x return on investment(ROI).  I was hooked.

Silicon Valley saw a dramatic shift around this time.  Venture Capitalists were losing out to Initial Coin Offerings at something like a 7:1 ratio.  It took awhile for blockchain companies to realize that allowing venture capitalists to fulfill your ICO goal in a pre-ICO cut your marketing costs down to nothing.  What more is an ICO than a marketing vehicle for fundraising?  Luckily, before the apparent end of the ICO and then the end of the pre-ICO I was lucky enough to talk some people into trusting me with some of their money.  I was lucky enough to receive some advisory shares in the Civic pre-ICO at 0.10c per which were then cashed out at 0.65c.  For those of you paying attention, that’s a 6.5x ROI.  With my previous 6x, we’ve arrived at a 39x ROI.

From here it gets a little more convoluted because I began using more than one strategy and the portfolio was moving in multiple directions at a time.  I bought some Ripple XRP at 0.21c, which at one point went to $2.94, then sold during a dip and bought more at the bottom.  I saw the writing on the wall when Bitcoin was set to split and traded heavy into BTC to ride the wave to $19K.  I also grabbed some Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold during the splits.  I was lucky enough to get advisory shares in Filecoin at 0.75c per, that are now valued at $23.  I’ve sold at some peaks and avoided some dips because I read the market like very few can.  All the moves I’ve made have brought me to a 200x ROI for my personal portfolio and a 20x ROI for the current portfolio under How 2 Ventures management.

Unfortunately, I’m spread thin in some long-term positions, and I need more buying power to attract the best blockchain entrepreneurs.  That’s where you come in.  If your reading this, you have the opportunity to invest in How 2 Ventures.  How 2 Ventures thrives off of the volatility of blockchain industry investments.  How 2 Ventures will get the return investors expect in a shorter period of time than the standard venture capital firm but with a slightly longer commitment than the average hedge fund.  Feel free to reach out through the website for more details.